Moving to São Paulo in May

Hi Guys, I am moving to São Paulo in May, and I need a little info. My Work is located in Brooklin and so i will be looking for an apt over there. so what do i need;
1. is there a Masjeed near Brooklin?
2. What is the best kind of Health Insurance?
3. is it safe to go around in a bicycle (yes I like riding a bike)
4. is there a good Rental Agent that can help me find an apt.


1.Mosques are in Brás, Santo Amaro and São Bernardo do Campo.
2.Depends on your age. Prevent Senior for Elderly, There are a gazilion plans out there. Check their credentials against reclameaqui dot com dot br
3. For most part it is ok. 
4.Depends on how much you are willing to part ( pay ) with.  If you go asking around a Brooklin-Campo Belo, Vila Olimpia apartment for under R$ 1000, well you will find no takers.  Those neighborhoods, expect to spend anywhere from R$ 2500 to R$ 5000 for a 1 bedroom apartment.

Tony Costa

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