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Hello, is there a website similar to monster or indeed that is utilized by people in the DR?  I tried indeed but there are no jobs for the DR so I assume no one in the DR uses it.  Basically, I’m looking for a website with a lot of traffic where I can post job openings for positions such as personal assistant, handymen, etc rather than always having to rely on you kind folks for recommendations.  Unfortunately this expat site has few job postings so I assume traffic is low.  Thanks in advance.

Yes there are a couple.  This is the most prevelant

AND you can put  job ads here in the classifieds!!!  :D

Yes most job postings are for locals so the expat site kind of doesn't work well!!!!

BUT we love giving referrals whenever we can.

Thanks a bunch

You are very welcome.

I have looked at ProfDir and I am not sure it will be helpful for my purposes.

First, is there a site that is targeted at English speakers?  I am looking for workers for a tourism activity and they need to speak English.

Also, ProfDir seems to be oriented towards professionals and office workers.  I am looking more for "outdoorsy" kind of people, to run a beach-based tourist activity.

Or is there a job site focused more on university students or recent graduates?  They might be my best potential candidates.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Post your ad there and see what you get. State the qualifications needed and post your ad in Spanish. Those who cannot read English may know those who do and pass it on.

No there is no English site here that I am aware of. Lots of job ads state English or other language skills needed.

Any age,vision, gender restrictions? Are organizational skills & intelligence a draw back? PM me if curious.

I have tried the ProfDir web-site and am very frustrated.  I am usually enraged and almost in tears.

There is something wrong with my password and they won't send me a link to change it.

I find the site very clunky and difficult to use.

I posted an ad there two weeks ago and cannot find it now.  I am trying again.

I am currently working off a free membership, which might explain the lack of support.

I am willing to upgrade to a paid membership (although it is surprisingly expensive) but I need to know if the site will function properly and meet my needs before investing in it.

Does anyone here have an account on this site, who can advice me on this?

I have used the site multiple times without issue. Sorry you are having such issues.

Okay, they have now fully activated my account, so I am starting to get functionality.

Still a bit clunky to use, but at least I can reach people now and am starting to get some responses.



Good to hear!

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