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Hello everyone,

My other half is moving to Oman in September and I would like to also. By way of background I am currently the principal engineer in functional safety at Aston Martin for the Valkyrie. Previously I spent 3 years as the Technical Manager at a cutting-edge home automation solution provider. So I have plenty of experience (around 6 years) but nothing directly in O&G.

My question is O&G is clearly the big industry in Oman and engineering is a big part of that, but what are the generally accepted best methods of getting expat jobs in Oman? Are the online recruitment like Naukri Gulf really the best options?

Any recommendations, help or guidance would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks,

Hi mccubbja,

It should be understood first that the few job portals (like the one you have mentioned), and the so-called manpower consultancies serving Oman are woefully inadequate in fetching jobs for the expatriates.

Approaching the prospective clients directly can perhaps be your best bet. Do a shortlist of the preferred companies, visit their website and try connecting with their H.R. directly. It might yield better results than approaching through a third-party - who more often than not would try to make a quick buck out of you, and leave you in the lurch.

Since your passport would fetch you a visa-on-arrival, you should seriously consider visiting the shortlisted companies personally, so that the chances of landing a job are far greater than any other means.

Hi Sumitran

Thank you so much for your response. I have come to the same conclusion in my searching so far.

As my partner is moving out there between myself and her we hope to make a number of contacts and hopefully find something from there.

Again, many thanks.

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