Looking for how to apply Cohabitation VISA advice

Hi, I'm Maryna Mai, i still consider my self as newbie ;) i am Indonesian.
This is my first message in this expat.com forum, Hello everyone  :)

I worked in Brussels starting from mid last year. I will move to Antwerp this June with my boyfriend. My work permit will be end on September 2018 and i would like to apply cohabitation visa before my work permit is end. Any info on this visa application ? now i register my self in Hoeilaart Commune.

Highly appreciated if anyone can share your experience and supporting document that might be needed or advice. This is my first time overseas and experience this stage of life. I don't know how difficult it might be, i try to be positive thinking after browse and read some reviews.  :)

if anyone would travel to Indonesia, please feel free to ask me anything about my country, i would like to suggest the nice place and how to spend your time in Indonesia.

Maryna Mai

You go to the gemeentehuis together and present evidence your partner can support you. Wait 6 months. That's it.
PS it s not a visa, visas are issued before travel, it s an in country residence application based on EU regs 2016.

Official info here:

https://dofi.ibz.be/sites/dvzoe/FR/Guid … egale.aspx

(For Brussels region - but the process is consistent across Belgium): https://www.brussels.be/declaration-legal-cohabitation

As mentioned in the previous response, your local geementehuis is the starting point.

https://diplomatie.belgium.be/en/servic … habitation

I assume your partner is Belgian. He must know how this process works and be taking lead in working on the paperwork with the geementehuis.

Thanks for your feedback. the things that I am worried about is the duration of our relationship. I work in here since last year and we meet then directly get into relationship. we step forward very fast on our relationship. I read, it should be at least 2 years relationship or one year live together, since I do live with him last year, but I still registered in my previous commune. so I don't have prove that I lived with him for one year except proved that I work here for a year. The apartment that we lived is under his name because he stay there already 8 years and he is Belgium. we plan to visit commune and see if we can convinced them to apply this cohabitation.
really appreciated on your feedback :)

sorry bit long reply, hopefully I can proceed with this condition since I am already stay in here and my work permit will be end on Sept this year.

Good luck !

And do share your experience here so that it can be beneficial for others who may face similar situation.

Dear Aneeshks,

Thanks for your info and i will share my stories after i go to commune next sunday
hope i will get some useful information that i can share in here :)

Hello all,

I applied for a cohabitation visa in the Belgian Embassy in the Philippines and I am now currently living in Belgium. I have declared legal cohabitation here in Antwerp with my boyfriend. I currently have my Orange Card and I am waiting for my F card. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to help.


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