Studying Arabic in Riyadh

I’m an American female living here in Riyadh and I would like to take Arabic classes. What are some schools or centers that teach Arabic to women here?

Is anyone taking Arabic classes here?  If so, where are you taking classes at and what are the prices?

Lillil..hi to you... I am a Saudi and I had the experience of running my own business (An Institution for teaching different languages... Since you're interested in learning Arabic, just forget about learning the language at any of the institutes unless you're willing to socialise. Yes , Mam ! My free piece of advice is to look for other opinions to learn the language. One of the most effective is to go to Jarir Bookstore and buy one book associated with audio cassette and start learning at you own pace. This won't cost you more than 50 SR ...  with regards  Abdul

The best way to learn practice with a friend and comunity  of course if you have motivation to learn

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