Sweden as a second home

Dear All,

I am currently based in Mauritius and would like to move to Sweden to work.

Before doing so, I would like to have a feedback from you all.

Is Sweden a good place to live? Are expatriates most welcome there? I am a mother with two kids, do you think it will be easy to get a job? Is it easy to get a work permit? I have been applying for jobs in Sweden for months now but no response, is this normal? Can someone help me get a job in Management?

Are there any English speaking school in Sweden?

Your feedback will really help to move forward and decide is the best place for me and my kids.\

Thank you.


Hi Sweetsu,

Yes it is hard to get a job in Sweden if you come from outside of Sweden, but that also depends on which industry you are in. If you have skills that are in high demand, it might not be so difficult.

In terms of getting a work permit, you need to find a job first and the company needs to make you an offer.I wrote a few tips on the work permit process here

Hi, Sweden is welcoming and open in general, however, finding work is very difficult unless you have connections and/or speak Swedish. SFI (language courses) are widely free and available. English schools do exist but only in big city locations, however, kids should fit into normal schooling as most people in Sweden speak pretty good English, which should be better for assimilation and integration. It is normal, sadly, for job applications to receive no response in Sweden, for reasons that are baffling!

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