Hi Everyone,
I hope anyone can help me regarding my problem about my Car Transfer in ANB. I am going for Final Exit since December 2017 and I have secured already a buyer who would assume the remaining monthly payments. Since then, I have been visiting their Head Office to follow up on my car transfer and all the bank says is SYSTEM DOWN. It has been 2 months now and the same reason. The buyer have already completed all the required documents, paid the downpayment and signed the new contract for the car. Basically all is done except we are just waiting for the MOI confirmation that the car has been transferred to my buyers name. Until now, i have been waiting for that text confirmation. 2 months with no work, no villa and is very frustrating. Anybody who could help me what to do? Really appreciate it if you could give advise or help on fast tracking my car transfer so i could go on final exit...

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