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Hi all, I am an expat to be, being offered a job in Antwerp, the only issue I see is the visa for my dependent mother, my company is not able to include her in my list of dependents, can you elaborate on
aa. : available options to get her to stay with me,
bb : why is my company not willing to add her to my dependent list for visa invitation,
cc: I have read many posts on this forum and see that there is a possibility to get her visa after I arrive and am issued with resident permit, more details on this provisions will help me a lot

Please go through

If you may still have more specific questions, please post here.

bb. Because in Belgian visa rules, only spouse and kids are counted as dependants for non-EU nationals.

Dear Aneeshks,

Pleased to see your reply,

I have read those posts before,

There must be some provision for my widow mother, who is dependent on me, she has no income, also medical condition is such that we cannot leave her alone,

I will be in highest tax slab and surely can afford her stay and medical insurance, 

I have read other forums, but there are no reply to this questions, also some of the links in earlier posts are no longer available.

I would also like to get in touch with other members with this issue.



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