Happy Valentine's Day

If you have a Valentine, what are you plans to celebrate?

I slipped a custom made card and a small toy in my wife's bag...she'll discover it at work.

And later I'll take her out to a favorite restaurant with a nice bottle of wine.

My wife just returned from a trip to Bangkok with a bad cold and she has almost completely lost her voice so things are on hold for now.  Hopefully she will recover in time to go to the annual balloon festival at Singha Park which starts today.  Last year was lovely.


We never do anything "Special" on this day.

It is my wife birthday the 13 February, So we have a great day on that day.
And skip out on Valentine's day.

Our Valentine's day ended up including a home visit from an immigration official, my first in forty years.  He was very nice and very polite so it was not a major imposition.

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