Is this crazy talk?

Hello everyone,
I'd like to move myself and two cats to somewhere in Cornwall from Oregon in the US. Is this completely crazy?  Any suggestions? I am a professor but plan to leave university soon and "retire" out.

Do you have a UK passport or are your Parents British?

No, unfortunately not.  American. Other than genetically, not of descent.

Ah; well, first of all, welcome to the Forum. :)

Unfortunately, you may well struggle to get into the UK because, since November 2008, they no longer issue retirement visas to anybody.  You need to qualify by some other means, i.e. tourist, work, study, ancestry etc.  You can see the entire list of potential visas at this link.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Thank you! I may be coming to teach in London as part of my university's study abroad program, might that help?

Perhaps; the link I provided you will help you to decide on the more appropriate method.

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