Job Offer in UAE - Is AED 31,000 a good salary?

From California, on a 156K US yearly salary before tax. My package totals 31K / month + 50K / year for kids' school allowance and the other flights / PTO perks.
Given the cost of living difference between Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi will I be able to maintain the same lifestyle?
Need to sign (or not for that matter) my LOI in the next 3 days, any urgent help would be greatly appreciated

Yes it is!

I am getting an offer of 5500 AED without accommodation.
Although i didn’t clear this accomodation thing, i wll be soon talking to them but most probab its without..i am a single girl and can get adjusted with average kinda lifestyle in start but wanna know if 5500 is okay without accommodation and CAN i save within this amount..
Are there existence of like single room pgs instead of 1bhk etc…and will be living there poorly in this amount..?
Hope to get reply soon

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I have no idea about the job you are going to do and your qualifications but 5500 is not a lot and especially without accommodation.  You are looking at room sharing and cooking at home.

Do you have medical insurance or not?

Even on a bare minimum budget with no eating out, no night outs, not too much spend on clothes / cosmetics; to save anything at a decent level will be a challenge.

It's all relative to lifestyle.  Movie, pop corn and a taxi can set you back 60-70 AED for a single event.  Two drinks at a relatively decent place for around 100.  And I won't even go into clothes and cosmetics for women!!

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