San Felipe or?

We hope to retire in 20-30 months to Baja.. looking at San Felipe.  Have never been.
Also, rosarito area
Looking for feedback on both areas
We are not sports minded, so golf etc doesn't sway us
Low cost ($2500 month income) less stress and medical close by for seniors
We prefer 1-3 hours to US by car.
Less than hour to shopping
Restaurant close by
Beach very close
Renting for a few months then buying under $150,000 (prefer closer to $120000)
Taking my pickup
Taking as much of my kitchen as possible or do I really need to start over?
I know is expensive to bring stuff in, but is it more than starting from scratch?
We really liked lareto and sea of Cortez, but it's so far away...but it's a possibility
We have no reason to be in the US no close family at all
We are both in 60's

Well Rosiedoll, it sounds like you would like Rosarito, so maybe you should check there. It meets much if not all of your listed requirements.

Much depends on what kind of weather conditions you can tolerate. San Felipe is nice during the winter months but unbearably hot during the summer months. The further south you go along TJ coastline the more tropical it becomes. The northern Pacific side of Baja - Playas de Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada - has weather very similar to San Diego.

My wife and I live in Rosarito and love it. There is a large and very active expat community here that is very involved in the community. There is very good medical care available locally and it is a short drive back to San Diego if you desire.

I would not recommend planning a permanent move to anywhere until you’ve visited for awhile.

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