brussels neighborhoods?

My husband will be working out of his company's Brussels office for two months and we need to figure out what neighborhood we want to rent in.  We are empty-nesters who love walking, culture, food -- we won't have a car.  A nice park nearby is a plus, as is walkable to office (between Art-Loi and Trone metro stops). I appreciate any suggestions! Thanks

Hi, in Brxl see Foret, or Tervuren, Waterloo nearby... Brxl is green but was more sympathetic... enjoy.

Waterloo is not in Brussels. 25km south, train and 2 metros to work.

Tervuren is not in Brussels. 13km to work, metro and tram. Better than Waterloo.

Forest. Seriously?

Try around merode, next to cinquantenaire, it it wherr etterbeek,  ville de bruxelles and wsl converge, or bit more suburban the centre area of wsp near parc de La woluwe.. Between 1km and 4km to work.

thanks this is helpful!

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