Getting car finance on a temporary residence visa

Does anyone have experience of buying a car in South Africa (partly financed) whilst on a temporary residence (spousal) permit (ie during the 5 years before you can apply for permanent residence)?
I have been told today by various car dealerships that I cannot apply for finance, even though I have my trust old car to trade in, because I am not a 'permanent resident'.
I have been in South Africa for 6 years now and I am married to a South African (been married for 2 years) but still on a 3-year spousal visa (I will renew it this year to get another 3 years). It won't be until I have been on this visa for 5 years that I can apply for permanent residency.
Also it seems I need a South African drivers license in order to apply for finance, and I cannot get this until I am a permanent resident.
I really can't wait 3-5 years before buying a new car - if anyone has any advice on how to do this, or any way of getting finance as a married temporary resident waiting to be able to apply for permanent resident, that would be amazing to hear.
Thanks so much.

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