EP Status Pending since 12 days and Eligibility Check

Hello All,
I am working in India and my company which is a reputed one in Singapore has initiated my EP on 1st of Feb 2018. I was in Singapore earlier in 2013 and came back to india after working there for 8 months. I have mechanical Engineering degree from one of the reputed college and joined IT as a fresher through campus recruitment in India. I have total 9 years of experience in IT. my earlier salary was 5000 SGD in 2013/14. My EP has been initiated now and salary offered is 7500 SGD. I checked for the eligibility and I have clearance in that. My friend recently traveled to singapore after getting his EP for the same salary and same company and same qualification. Our HR said that we do have a good locals to foreign ratio and it's not a concern at all.

Just wanted to check that do you guys see any concerns in getting my EP?

On Avg how many days it would take to get EP if applied online?

In average, it can take 2 weeks to a month but instances it takes longer. You should expect your EP approval may comes in next two weeks time. Good luck

Hi Surya2K, Looking at my Qualifications do you think i get EP. I have got my EP previously in 2013 with the same Client, Same company and for same technology with 5800 SGD.
This time I was promoted to Senior IT Associate and base salary is increased to 7500 SGD. Only worrisome part is that I have done my B.E in mechanical bit in IT Industry from 9 years and never worked in a Mechanical company.

Shouldn’t be an issue, your employer is applying EP based on the experiences you have in last 9 years and present job is related to those experiences. There is nothing unusual and salary wise $7,500 is reasonably ok as per the current market standards. Good luck

Thanks Surya2K. Just one questions.

As of now i am applying EP only for myself however in the form i have also filled in my wife's detail (She is carrying at this moment and can't come with me) as spouse information. Do i need to submit her marks sheet as well since i have mentioned her name or I need to include it when i apply for her as Dependent?

Your employer should apply dependant pass for her and once you will have baby then apply passport (if you are here then visit Indian embassy authorised agency BLS international to apply passport) once you have passport, immediately inform HR with birth certificate of the baby to apply dependant pass. Good luck

Sure. I will keep you posted on the progress on my EP. Thanks for your time

Hi Surya2K,

My EP status is changed from Pending to Approved. It took 14 days.
I am waiting for my IPA from my employer now,

Congrats, welcome to Singapore. Good days are ahead.

You applied on 1st and got approval on 16th Feb??

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