Gross of 3600 and what will be net

Dear All,
I have an offer in Brussels, Belgium with a gross salary of 3600 monthly + 13.92 and company car. I have a non-working wife and a year old child with me.
I am confused what will be the net take home in a month for this year 2018 onwards based on any changes in any rules.

Any advice?


Rather than do as dozens of people before you, and be surprised not to receive answers, READ the articles already published with all the information of how to calculate the net salary in Belgium ...

And here is where you will find existing discussions:

You can simulate your salary over this website.

Thank you. Looks like its coming +- 2500 euros net. Does anyone have an idea of child education in Brussels? I have a 13-month boy who would soon be going to Childcare and school. Is this expense covered by government or employer or this on me?

Except an monthly allowance provided by government, the employer has no obligation. Everything is under your responsibility.

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