Hi Everyone

My name is Erika, and my husband and me, wants to move to New Zealand, looking for a better life and new experiences.
We live on Margarita Island, Venezuela. And a few months ago we where kidnaped in our home, and thansksfully we´re ok, but we want to go.
My husband is from poland, and i´m a venezuelan born on italy.
We need all the information you can give us about where to move and about the work in the area.

Thanks for making this website to give information to people like us!

Welcome to the forum.

I suggest you take the time to read through the many posts on the New Zealand section of the forum for information. Work would depend on what field of expertise you have and also qualifications. The govt immigration website www.immigration.co.nz will have a list of preferred skills and visa information.
A Google search may assist too.

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