Looking for a trustworthy property manager for my house in Panama!

Dear All,

I purchased a house in Juan Diaz in 2007 and have had the same property agent look after it for that whole time. I have no idea what he is doing most of the time, he will not send me copies of the rental contract that he has with my tenants, wount show me receipts of purchses that he makes and deducts from me etc etc etc.

Does anybody know of a more transparent/honest agent, or is this just the way things are done in Panama?

The project is Versalles and i would appreciate any thoughts or help that you might be able to offer me

Thank you very much!

i am not a professional so to speak i do manage a few properties for expats that came and went ,, be happy to look the situation over for you and give you mu opinion ,, here near 17 years , wife works at a 5 star resort in management ..


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