Online job. Pay taxes in Brazil or USA ?

I am a resident of Brazil but I work online for an Asian Company that deposits into an American bank account. I transfer money to Brazil through Western Union. Should I pay income tax in the US or Brazil?

As a US citizen, the US Treasury expects you to pay US taxes wherever you live on all your income, whatever the source.  Since you have a US bank account, your information is available to the IRS, so you should plan on filing your US  taxes.

Things in Brazil are more fluid, if you don't earn income here.  I'm working with a Brazilian accountant I have found to be knowledgeable and trustworthy to determine my tax liability, and recommend doing the same.

Pay in America, I am in the same boat. Work for Asian company and income deposited in America bank account. Why don’t you just ATM withdrawal here instead of WU?

Not a tax advisor and you may want to check with one, but check if there are US tax withholdings
Income paid in US and taxable should not be taxable in in BR.
Glad I do not have such issues. Pay US taxes and remember to notify US of foreign bank account drives me dingy

to be honest I am using Transfewise. My Brazilian wife and her father will not leave me alone about the Brazilian tax. Should I report anything to Brazil?

Pay in USA. I use Credit cards and debit for my spending here, it's less complicated.


You can send to Brazil using WU as long as you use your Passport for receiving the funds. Once you use your RNE or CPF, you will need to pay taxes

Not sure as to the above. If funds came from a taxable account in the US, it will taxed in the US. I send bank to bank and taxes are paid in US on the 1099 from US, not BR.
CPF or RNE does not matter.
Now if your work for an Asian company and paid in US, I would be looking into Asian country vs. US or if work is for goods to go to BR, that again is a different matter.

If you are an American citizen, google and study FATCA

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