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Hi there,

I am moving to Brunei soon and in need of a place to stay in the KB area and a car. I don't see the point in purchasing a brand new car as the price of the car will significantly drop as soon as it is used. Therefore, I was wondering whether anyone has had experience in buying a certified pre-owned car in Brunei?

Also, I am looking for roommates to stay with in the KB/Pandan/Mumong area.

Thanks for all the input!

Hi Alice,

This is Alan, I too am moving there soon as well maybe August.

Searching for an apartment and car as well.. LOL...

I was introduced to 2 used car dealers. I'll be meeting them next week when I'm there for a week. I'll send u a recommendation if they are good. No worries
My contact is below if you are interested. Just let me know

All the best to your searching. Hope to catch up one of this days.

Best regards,

Alan Teo
(fm Singapore)

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Dear Alan,

Sure, yes I am certainly interested in what you are going to find out in a week!


Hi. Alice,

Pleased to meet you.

Sure can do.

I'll let you know how it goes no problem.

Best regards

Hi Alice,

How are you?

I've been here this whole week, and I've been driving the rented car and view used cars as well.
I wud recommend this company with no problem. They have been great. I had a car delivered to me and I noticed that it has no reverse sensor or reverse camera. Hahaha. I asked if it's possible to change one and they went and got me another without question asked a Good job!

Eyien (pronounced as "Ian" she is great to communicate with, prompt and efficient.

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