hot outdoor springs and beaches

Hello everyone,does anyone know of some outdoor thermal baths in the Dobrich area please?Not the hotel spas but maybe a village with hot springs/baths or beaches with outdoor natural pools?Thanks☺.My second question is are there any beautiful wild beaches which aren't  too touristy  and built up?Thanks☺

For the beautiful, wild beaches, you have to go south of Bourgas. There you will find several pockets of sandy beaches, hot in the summer, surrounded by lush greenery.

In the north, pretty much all of the beaches are rocky. A different kind of beautiful I suppose. To the east of Shabla, there are awesome cliffs that are beautiful, and the local boys jump from them into the sea (go with a local if you are jumping, to better understand where the deep parts are). And just north of Tulenovo (about 5km from Shabla) there's this awesome cave a bit off the road, on the sea cliffs that I've camped in... from the cliffs you can get down into a little cove in the water and it's amazing. But not really the sandy beaches type thing- all rocks and plunges into the sea.

Er, or rather just south of Tyulenovo... … 3761?hl=en

Thanks very much Kojidae!😀

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