U.S. Medications Shipped to Mexico

I am planning to move to Mexico at age 65 when I am eligible for Medicare. Is it possible to have my prescription medications shipped to a U.S. address and then shipped on to my address in Mexico? There is one medication that will be too expensive to purchase even in Mexico. Due to age and a pre-existing condition, I will not be able to buy private insurance in Mexico.

My experience says, no.  Meds are not sent via mail services.  There are ways around it though.  Meds are super cheap here.

I recently moved to Lakeside and investigated shipping meds to Mexico. You can but in most cases shipping is more expensive than the drugs. There are local shipping services that provide you with a Laredo TX address for all of your shipments. They will then pick up all flat mail and deliver to a box that you rent in their office. However, anything that isn't in a flat envelope must go thru customs which takes a lot of time and is costly. Contact  solylunalogistics.com. They were very helpful in explaining this issue to me.

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