F&B/Retail Specialist Role for Spass

Hi good day everyone,

I just want to share my case with you. Hope you can help us.

Me and my friend (Both Filipino) applied for F&B role and Retail Specialist role. And we hired by the employer and got the job. Currently we are waiting for our Spass approval.

May I know what are the chances of ours getting approved? We both have degree in Information Technology in the Philippines. We are both young graduates and no professional experience.

Retail Role offered me $2600
F&B role offered her $2500

And both qualified for Spass.

What our chances getting spass approved? Thank you

Hope you know that for S pass, you don’t required qualified degrees. Secondly, your educational degree and current job offers have no resemblance. Thirdly, MoM will ask a basic question to the employer what would be the reason to hire foreigners for these jobs (who are freshers)? Lastly, MoM will ask further supportings that employer had taken interviews of locals (Singaporeans & PRs) and none of them had those skills which is required for these two jobs? Not sure, how the employer will justify.

Chances of getting S pass is low, but you never know if luck is at your side. Good luck

Hi, our SPASS has been approved today. Thank you so much 😊

Congrats, definitely luck is at your side. Welcome to Singapore. Cheers

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