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I'm female and looking to travel to Pakistan for a week to visit friends and for some retail therapy.  First time going alone so if anyone is also travelling please let me know. Looking for a fellow female traveller.

Thanks in advance x.

Are you Pakistani Citizen or saudi?

I'm British

And which part of Pakistan are you going? I know ur looking for a female. But i can give you a proper guidance if you like to have that from before going there..

I'm going to Lahore

Oh thats great i just came from lahore after spend 4yrs there . Even i am from Lahore and currently residing in jeddah. you can ask me anything about there .Tell me what things are you thinking before leaving to lahore.we can do conversation through email and through whatsapp..if yiu dont have any problem to do so..

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Fatimah84 :

I'm British

best response ever...

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