Is it possible to find a job at RATP or SNCF as a foreigner?

Is it possible to find an internship or a full-time job at RATP or SNCF without a previous relevant work experience? I come from a Non-EU country (I need a Schengen visa everytime I want to come to Europe) and I have a degree in railroad engineering (but no work history). I am a female but I hope genders don't matter in a job search. What types of job are available for foreign applicants?

Thank you.

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I don't work at sncf but I suggest you contact their HR department to see if they are taking interns. I don't think your sex or lack of experience will be a crucial element. In france training/qualification is most important and you seem very qualified.  Good luck 😊

hi! thank you for your reply!  :)

I will probably need to contact them directly like you suggest.

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