Help me find a French language course preparing for a master

Hello everyone!

Help me find a French language course, please, to boost up my French and prepare for master studies...

I am 28 years old and I would like to find a master program in France in the field of Transportation/Logistics. My French level right now is A2 and it isn't sufficient to apply directly for a master. Most universities require B2, i think, and the deadline is 20.03 (for applying for a master. The local branch of Campus France set this deadline). I simply don't have time to improve my French so drastically, pass a language test and apply at a university (Campus France). Is there a French language course (which begins in the next few weeks and and ends just in time before the winter semester starts so I could do my studies from the coming October on?

I would be happy to attend a language course on a university campus. But if it's not an option, would you say learning French for another year anywhere in France and apply for master studies in the spring 2019 would be a waste of time for me?

Back in 2010 I graduated with a degree in railway engineering (outside the EU) and I haven't been able to land a job in this field so I have a work experience in an unrelated field (data entry clerk). I am afraid that if I don't start my master studies this semester I am going to lose another year of my life making my CV looking even worse and considering my age this procrastination doesn't do me good...

Thank you.

Hello Ioona. Where are you now? In Montpellier, France, there are several language schools, some of which specialize in FLE (Français Langue Etrangère). The best way to quickly boost any foreign language is to live for a while in the country.
Let me know if you have any questions about the schools in Montpellier.
Bonne chance et bon courage!
Judith Gleba-Kressmann

If you are in Rennes,  go to CIREFE, it's the language school of the University de Rennes 2. But they already started this semester, just 2 weeks ago, the next semester will start after summer.
My sister is currently enrolled in this semester in CIREFE in order to continue her master here, just like you.

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