Expired oman visit visa

Hi. I would like to ask anyone as we need your advice. My mother is on visit visa under my husband’s company sponsorship. Her visit visa is about to expire this mid month of feb 2018. Can she exit Dubai/UAE and come back on visit visa on the next day? Because she did it last Nov 2017. We got her a new visa on the next day she exit in Dubai. There were people telling us now that she needs yo be out of the country for a month or three to get a new oman visit visa. Is that true?
Would appreciate your reply on this.

Thank you.


Hi klermaffy,

Back-to-back visit visas are not issued as many employers were using expatriates as employees on such visit visas - when they do not have the required labour clearance to get a proper 2-year employment visa.

Since your mother may not exactly be under the employable age, they may have waived it in her case. It is possible on a case-to-case basis.

Thank you Mr. Sumitran for your reply.  Just one more question, do you think We could ask the Company PRO to try his best to get another visa and we’re planning to exit to DuBai this week for my mother. Do you think they will give us consideration and issue another visit visa for my mother? Sorry, i think am asking the same question. I just really want to get her another visa so she could stay with us for another 3-4 months.

Thank you once again.

Appreciate your reply so much.

Hi klermaffy,

Your suggestion is certainly and well worth pursuing.

If your husband's company PRO is an influential man, this is but a small job for him.

Appreciate your reply so much Mr. Sumitran.

Thank you onc again.

Dear Sumitran
Am in the same situation. Got mother and father visit visa and it is expiring they told to exit and come. planning to go dubai and come back,
I have 2 questions
1. can i go by road along with parents? hope at the boarder they will allow to exit and enter UAE.
2. After 2 days coming back by road, will the 2 year visa stamped at the boarder?
Or should i send them by flight?

Hi PRAms,

Visit visa is a single entry issue. So once exited means to return, you would need another entry visa.

Also without a valid visa / resident card of Oman, entry into the UAE would not be possible.

How do you intend to get a fresh visit visa issued within just 2 days of leaving Oman ?

You must speak to your company PRO and do as he advises, since he would be the person who would be applying for your parents' visit visas.

dear all,

i had discussion in couple of tourist visa provider and they have inform like following

if person have 1 month visit visa hence he can extend 2 times in oman without exit.

if you need further information pls visit any leading traveling agency to clarify your doubt.

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