Has anybody registered to participate in upcoming Marathon in 24th?


I hope you all doing well.

I would like to know whether anybody here is going to run in Riyadh Marathon, I registered just now  :D .

Have a nice week!  :top:

hahahah.. .c u there bro.. !  which category ? i registered in fun run  :lol:   :one

As far as I know the run starts at 9am 🙄 that’s too late for running and most probably too hot. Organisers need to think about this :(

9 am.. @@ where is the time mentioned !  :unsure

taharehman77 :

9 am.. @@ where is the time mentioned !  :unsure

https://www.riyadh-marathon.com/marathon/about , BTW, I registred for Amateur run

yeahhh seen. but mine starts at 4.30 pm   ;)   i m in fun run  :cool:  n good luck.

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