I'm totally disheartened by the country I live

Hello, my name is Ivan, greetings.

Well, I'm now almost at my 30's and I think that due to my silver age, I've naturally started to see the world in a way I cannot fight against myself.

I care so much about the others.

I live in a big, big country where corruption destroys every bit of essential services, the public ones, driven by the government. Taxes are charged on your month salary though, I believe in a lot of countries it works like that.

Taxes are charged to provide free services, like Healthcare, Security and Education.

Problem is, it works only in theory. Every service here are precarious.

If you go to a hospital, when in need, it's always crowded with people waiting for long hours. Many ones die waiting.

If you want to go outside with friends/family, you have to be cautious, cause anytime you can be violently robbed with a gun in your head, and these kind of people usually kills with no regrets.

If your children are studying in a public school, prepare to be behind the others, everything is precarious. Some students don't even study essential subjects, like Chemistry for example.

So, you're thinking like me and now are certain that the problem is the corrupt government?

The problem is the Brazilians itself.

Corruption are all over the news, all over the place and everyone complains about it, but no one moves one finger to change this terrible situation.

Instead, they prefer paying for private services. They put their children in a private school to get better education, they pay a private healthcare system for the entire family so when they need medical treatment everything there works as it should and they prefer to live in an secured Apartment, with huge walls against the poor and the reality problems. They prefer to run away. They're cowards. They're individualists, egoistical bastards.

And u know what is the best of all? Now there are millions on the street getting lots of fun because of local Carnival. When it comes to fun, you'll certainly see millions of brazilians on the streets having a good time. And is not only in Carnival, all holidays and weekends are the right time to go to streets to have fun. Seeing this really makes me going nuts.

This is the main example of why this country will never change to a better place. No matter if 5% of the population are good and care for this situation like me, if at least the grand majority don't fight against corruption, it does not matter that 5%. This place will always be like it always have been. So brazilians do not have the right to complain about it [they always do that, though].

And I really don't want to see my life ending in a place where there is no respect for the others. I don't really don't want to live in a place where corruption takes my taxes and politicians spends it with luxury instead of essential services for people. I don't want to live in a place where people does not care to move even a finger to fight for their country. I'm tired of all this.

So I'm in need to move to another country. And the country that firstly comes to my mind is Japan.

Doubt is, I'm almost sure Japan is not like broken Brazil, am I right? Education, Healthcare and Security works at least as it should?

Another thing is, I've always been a videogamer guy, so I'm now a indie game developer since some time, working with art/animation/programming. And I like japanese language and culture. So I think I'm in the right path.

I'm getting prepared to travel for at least 3 months to know the place better [hope my japanese gets better till there] so I can decide in a right way.

And you, where are you from and what made you move to Japan as well? Tell me about your story and let's be friends!

Oh and just remember, all I've previously wrote up there is the real deal about Brazil. I'm from there after all and I know how things works.

Thanks in advance!

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