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we’re a young, married couple from Canada. We’re both well-traveled. My husband has traveled to around 40 countries on four continents in the past 17 years. Ever since I met my partner in Bangladesh in 2011, we have traveled to 4 different countries in South Asia. I moved to Canada recently (just over a year ago), and this will be our first time to travel out of Canada together. Since Mexico is just 5 hours away from Canada, we decided to continue our adventure and to see what Mexico has to offer on this side of the world. We are very much excited about this trip!  :)

It's our first time in Mexico and we're a little anxious to find a suitable place.

My spouse works for a Canadian company providing technical support to Healthcare industries all over North America. He can work remotely as long as he has access to fast/reliable internet in a relatively quiet area.

Time of arrival: We arrive in Mexico city airport on Feb. 23rd at around 1pm and looking to stay around 1 month (end of March) in San Miguel area or anywhere that meets our criteria.

We're not tied to any specific state/city, in Mexico. The reason(s) we picked San Miguel is because it seems like it has everything we’re looking for and it's safe. Our entire stay in Mexico will be until early-June. After spending one month in SMA we will likely go to South Mexico (probably beginning of April)

In terms of what we’re looking for in living space:
We're not high maintenance at all
Full furnished entire house/apartment (nothing fancy just practical for daily living)
Reliable/fast internet connection. We might as well buy an internet USB dongle from Telmex or another ISP as a backup
Kitchen (we like to cook at home and eat healthy, organic food)
Quiet and safe
Available for 1 month from February 23rd – March
Not too far to centro (San Miguel) if possible so we can buy our groceries or go to restaurants to eat out and explore the city on weekends
We don't need cable, just basic kitchen appliances and furniture
We don’t drink (maybe some Tequila) ;)
Budget: around $500 U.S./month. Max. $700

If anyone could provide us recommendations/ advice for places to rent or what how much we should expect to spend in San Miguel or maybe you know someone (who knows someone) that might be able to help, we'll greatly appreciate.

Muchas Gracias!

Parag & Ara.

Hi Parag & Ara,

Welcome to Expat.com and thanks for your nice introduction :)

I invite you to have a look at the Living in Mexico guide, you will find some different articles covering different essential topics on expatriation.

For your accommodation search, you can post a free ad in the Housing in San Miguel de Allende section.

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