relocating from chennai to Wroclaw

Hi ,
i got one offer to stay in Wroclaw as per Hr i can get 6600 PLN in
hand per month after deducting all taxes.

we are  from india  & my family consists of 2 adult including me & one baby of 6 month old
please help me shall i survive in poland & how much i can save


Hi Debi,

My girlfriend lives in Poland and i told her about your post, she thinks 6600 Zloty will be quite enough for a family of 4 to "survive" living in Wroclaw, it means you need to watch for your spending and it will be quite difficult to go on holidays. Wroclaw is a bit more expensive compared to cities like Katowice.

May i ask how did you score a job in Poland from India? what position did you apply for?

My job search so far has been fruitless and i really want to work in Poland and fulfill my dreams.


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