170kwd salary

Hi sir
          I have a job offer in Kuwait as food delivery driver in which the salary will be 100 kwd at first started after getting the Kuwait license it will be raised to 170kwd... As a fresher like me is it enough to live in Kuwait and please tell me about the cost of living bachelor like me.....

Huh...depends what do you mean by "live". I know that we all come from different backgrounds and expectations, but unless you are desperate, I wouldn't do it.

OK sir.. From my situation it is the job for me to  saying someone "I am not idle jobless fellow " that's it... But from my background going to abroad for job and meaning of "live " is staying in room and eating as like the cost of my spending in India. My agent said that 20kwd for food and 20kwd for room(sharing accomadation) .remaining 130kwd I can save...
Is it possible? Is he saying correct?.... Please tell me....

I understand. What I would do it to absolutely make sure that employer does not take your password (which is illegal by the way), and make sure you have an exit strategy if you get abused in any way. Read your contract carefully and make sure everything is in order.

Also, you may get some extra income as tips from the customers. You would get it from me at least. :)

Good luck!

Don’t come ....with that salary you won’t be happy you’re feeling depressed take it easy go ahead with your work in India at least you will be with family friends and relatives

This agent already  sent me to Saudi Arabia for two year contract as company driver... And it passed well. Where I did not get any increment that's y exit from there. Now it is the direct call from company working drivers in Kuwait  whose already been sent  by my agent .then exit strategy as Indian driver like me is very easy.if anything happens against me then  Just don't do work for 10 days otherwise some misbehaving with boss,otherwise go to Indian embassy....i know it. I will read out and go through my contract paper carefully before accepting it as you are saying.... Thank you for your valuable guidance.... Finally you said that I would get some tips from customers as extra income as like my agent saying the same thing..... Thank you.

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