Salary Range for a Unique Artisanal trainer

I was recently approached by a large global food concern to create a curriculum ( and then teach it)  in Jeddah.  It would be for 2 Trimesters—a 3- month beginners course  + an advanced course of 3 months.

The training is in a unique food sector that does not yet exist in KSA — and could greatly expand certain supermarket product offerings. The company seems very excited about being the first to offer this training in Saudi.

I am a French National (coming from the US where I have permanent residency ) and i’m uniquely qualified to teach this artisanal craft having apprenticed very young and now having 45+years experience. I am deliberately being non-specific because the program is innovative and proprietary.

i know that housing, travel & visa costs will be covered.  What would be the monthly salary range for an opportunity like this?  Should I expect a bonus upon completion of each trimester?

Should I request a separate fee for creating the curriculum and teaching materials and another salary for the actual  teaching— which will be very hands on (in a commercial kitchen setting)?

Hours will be 8-5 / 5 days weekly.
Students:  30 H.S. Grads Per course.

Any guidance and help would be much appreciated. They are hoping to launch the program ASAP— within a month if possible.  Also, any other advice anyone can lend would be equally appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

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