Need little advise on Australia

Dear all,

Has anyone traveled to Australia or is there Australian expat here ? I need a little advise what not to bring to Australia as I am packing now for my short trip next weekend to Perth.

I have read the immigration site and its allowed to bring Food products as long as its declared and comply with the rules. Normally when I travel I bring food products (packed and bottled sauces, dry instant food, shrimps cracker, biscuits, tea/coffee), craft and souvenir for my host. I have bought some stuffs to bring to Australia but then my friend told me to leave it, ignore the site and just bring clothes and shoes because the immigration is very strict.

My other concern is leather, as all my stuffs are leather goods (handbag, wallet, belt). I wonder if it wouldn’t be a problem to wear those and passing the immigration.

Feedback would be really appreciated
( I have posted in Australia forum but seems not getting answer)

I’m not totally sure even though I have visited Australia on several occasions, like many countries I would advise to follow that said immigration/ customs rule, if fake goods (not genuine) you could be issued a huge fine, food is difficult as some seeds are not allowed, if your products don’t have a genuine ingredients label you could well have this taken from you and a possible fine
If unsure I would certainly declare it and ask customs for advice and explain your unsure, what to declare
you could exceed the value of any goods and have to pay tax
On your declaration documents explain your unsure and need advice,
If your issued with a fine it must be paid immediately

Declaring at customs has to be the winning piece of advice.
If you show them and explain you did so because you're unsure, you're clearly not trying to do anything underhand and the customs are likely to see it as exactly that.
Sauce is a processed product so it's unlikely that'll draw any attention, same with a few leather bit and bobs if the things are clearly gifts.
Fake stuff and fresh foods are more likely to be a problem.

Thanks :)

I am in two minds now, bring nothing and declare nothing so I can leave the airport immediately but I want to give something from here for my host, which means I must declare and will waste time waiting the process

Bring nothing at all and you will have no problems at all. Buy your host a gift when you get there or take them out for a meal.

stumpy :

Bring nothing at all and you will have no problems at all. Buy your host a gift when you get there or take them out for a meal.

Thanks :)

I have decided to bring no food products, I have bought Indonesian recipe book (in english) instead and if time permits I would like to cook for them :)

It’s simple. Read and complete the entry card and tick the boxes that relate to any foods or other products you are bringing. Customs and quarantine will make a decision on whether the item can enter the country. Generally there are 3 results of your declaration. A. The item is allowed B. The item is not permitted and will be seized for destruction C. The item may be treated/ disinfected and allowed to enter.

In any case (with the exception of illegal narcotics or illegal firearms ) a truthful declaration will mean you won’t get into trouble.

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