Where do I start my search for an apartment to rent.

G'day everyone

I arrive in Phnom Penh on March 3, have booked a hotel on street 172 for 9 nights,
during that time I want to look around for an apartment to rent, where do I start?
rental agencies, newspapers, just walking around? I would like an apartment around
$350 - $400 a month, not to sure of the area, but close to some bars and restaurants.

This is my 4th time in Phnom Penh but planning to stay a lot longer than the 10 days
I stayed on my previous visits.

Many thanks for any advice


Think I have found an answer to my question myself.

Khmer24.com looks like a good place to start.

Hello Roger.

It depends totally of what you call "much longer than 10 days".

The better apartments will be only rent out for at least a year, they are not interested in 3 months tenants. Most apartments in that class have free cleaning, security, elevator.

Having said that you could walk around, there are many signs "for rent" with a phone number, they are not the nicest but if you stay 3 months it's not that bad. They are usually around $250.

There are also guesthouses that offer monthly rates in the area of $300, including cleaning and changing bed sheets. I know one on 178 street where I talked to a fellow countryman staying there and being totally happy, send me a pm if you want to know details.

From here you could start to have a look at the housing section here on expat.com, under flats.

Good luck.

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Thank you for the advice Joe, the guesthouse option looks to be the best way to go at the moment.

How do I send you a pm  :|

Hi Joe, this is my first post, but I've done a lot of reading on the forum.   :cheers: 

My question is somewhat related to the original post; I will be arriving in mid-July, I have a job at an International school starting the first of August.  I know the area that I want to be in and have done a lot of research as to what my options will look like.  However, I have no intention of renting based on pictures on the internet; is my best bet to have a list of options and contacting a rental agent, or just contacting a rental agent and see what they come up with?  Or contacting the different agents listed in the ads?  As you can see, I'm confused.  Ha!   

I know I've read that it's best to rent through an agent to make sure everything is legit on the contract, is this your advice as well?   Some of the articles I've read online suggest walking around and looking for signs,  but your post seems to indicate that might not be the best?

Hello dizzyde.

I have just moved to PP and found exactly the apartment I was looking for.
In order to find that I did the following things:

+ I made a must list of features my apartment had to provide. [area, price, security, elevator, cleaning services, wifi, general services and in my case an in-house gym and swimming pool.
+ I scrolled through the housing section here on expat.com, search criteria "Flats for rent" in PP.
+ I made a shortlist of possible interesting apartments, with their features [to compare].
+ I was lucky to have a friend here who recommended me the agent he used before.
+ I contacted the agent and sent him my list of possible apartments.

He then found out that of the ten apartments on my list 5 were the same, just another agent and advert, three were rented out already and two had raised the rent.

So of my ten apartments none was available. But the agent had done his homework and came up with two apartments that were suitable. We went there and had a look, one had no living space and I didn't feel like watching tv in the bedroom, the other was more expensive than I hoped. We went to a coffee shop and there we talked. He said he had one more in mind but more expensive, he offered to talk to the landlord and he managed to get the price in the middle. Just the apartment was occupied until 6 days after my planned move. Anyway we went there, saw a similar apartment on another floor and I liked it. Everything was like on my must-list. I took some thinking time but after two days we went back and the contract was signed, also by the agent [he is an important part of the whole transaction].

Agreed was that I would stay in an empty apartment on another floor, for 6 days, and then move to "my" apartment 6 days later, which happened that way. The contract said two months deposit but I refused so I paid one month deposit. When I arrived with my stuff I paid the first month rent.

Concluding it's important to do your own homework first, what do you want, wish and demand. Then find a good agent and inform him of what you would like and what you certainly would not like.
Remember he is for free for the tenant, the landlord pays for his services. The agent I had gave me the feeling he was on my side and understood perfectly my wishes and demands.

That's my experience, hope you will find something suitable soon. If you need more info feel free to send me a pm.


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Thank you so much for such thorough recommendations!  I will definitely be using your post as a guide moving forward.  I will also keep in mind your offer for futher assistance, I have the feelng i may need it!    :joking:  ha!

Thanks again,

dizzyde :


Thank you so much for such thorough recommendations!  I will definitely be using your post as a guide moving forward.  I will also keep in mind your offer for futher assistance, I have the feelng i may need it!    :joking:  ha!

Thanks again,

You're most welcome. I thought already to have recognized a female in trouble, and as a senior gentleman I could only offer the best recommendations.  :D

Good luck Deanna.


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great topic, I am hoping to get to Cambodia later in the year & look for some work & of course somewhere to live.

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