Activities with a 10 year old? My first trip to SMA is 6 days away!

Greetings all,
Next week I'll be escaping the endless soggy grey that is Seattle and traveling with my 4th grade daughter to San Miguel for the very first time. I'm both excited and a little anxious after reading the many posts online re: increased crime in the area.

That said, I'm still VERY enthusiastic about seeing the area with my daughter and exploring what this wonderful place has to offer.  No more daydreaming of SMA... I'm packing my bags instead of just talking about it.

I've been researching online about all the goings-on in town however I'm not sure how long seeing local architecture will hold her interest. She and I are both highly creative so which galleries or artsy places, eateries, live music or theater-type destinations would you recommend? Open to all suggestions!

We're planning on the water park, hot springs and perhaps ATV rides? She may not be old enough for that although she is tall for her age. We're also going to go to the artisan market.

Also, if you're an expat living in SMA with school-aged kids, I'd be especially interested in connecting.
Thanks so much in advance for all your suggestions.

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