Bus to Santiago de Queretaro and accommodation, internet

We're a young couple from Canada and due to land in Mexico city mid-day this month and we're looking to reach Santiago de Queretaro by bus.

My questions are:
1) What's the safest, most comfortable and reliable bus company to go with from Mexico city/airport to Santiago de Queretaro?
2) Are there any services (cell phone, internet etc) that we should be aware and make use/purchase before we leave the airport? company names please.
3) My husband absolutely cannot be without internet for his work M-Fridays while we're in Mexico. So we're thinking of purchasing a USB dongle/stick to have internet on-the-go? which internet company or ISP do you think provides the most reliable/fastest internet on that front?
4) Accommodation: we're looking for a house/flat to ourselves to rent for 1+ month in Queretaro. A place that's relatively quiet, safe but still close to town, grocery stores (we like to cook) and will have reliable internet access. Our budget is around $500-700/month CDN or $7500 - 10,000 pesos. These are the websites we've found so far but not sure if they're reliable or not and we don't speak Spanish. Does anyone know if they're good to use or reliable?

We've never visited Mexico before. Your help is much appreciated. Thank you.

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