Hi everyone,
we're a young Canadian couple living near Toronto. My husband work in the healthcare/IT industry and I'm new to Canada (originally from Bangladesh). We're interested in traveling, new cultures, making new friends wherever we go, exciting conversations/discussions, music, yoga and a whole lot more!
we're planning to visit Mexico very soon for several months and looking forward to meeting new people there and taking in what the country has to offer.
We're specifically looking at moving to Santiago de Queretaro but still looking for a home/flat/apt to rent for ourselves where we'll stay for 1+ month and then move to another part of Mexico.
Feel free to ask questions or provide any recommendations for places to rent or what we can expect for a 1 bedroom + den style place in Queretaro. We're minimalists and don't require much but a fast and reliable internet connection is a MUST for my husbands work (work remotely).

Hi Parag,

You might look at the topic of housing at the top of the page. If might give you housing ideas, and prices, which can help you plan. There are several tabs that might be of interest to you. When you decide what your questions might be let us know.

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