Friends, Clarified my questions

Good morning all,

I resigned one months before same date H.R terminated me & not informed me.
now on my settlement paper my last 45 days leave salary is missing, accounts person telling G.M informed to cut leave salary & final settlement salary.
what about Leave salary & Gratuity?? both will be calculated upto last working day or the date which i resigned??
Next week flight ticket booked by company.

Please help me friend..

Hi Tamilmani,

Please call or better personally go to the Indian Embassy immediately and complain, if you ever hope to get your settlement dues.

Your final settlement would be applicable only if you have put in a certain number of years with the organisation. Details are available in the forum, if you care to read them.

Thank you sir

2 years visa, 11th April 2018 complete two years

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