Renewal EP with police report


I have few questions.
The problem is like this
when I took a grab taxi and reached home need to pay by cash. I realized that i didn't have cash that time. So I talked to driver I go to room and take money, and I gave driver my mobile phone please wait for a while. Then I went back room and I slept(because I was drunken, can not remember)
The next day afternoon when I woke up and realized I had no mobile. Then I tried to find my mobile and called the grab to get driver mobile number.
I luckily found driver and contacted him. Driver said he reported police already with mobile, mobile is at police center. So When I met driver fully pay(20dollars) and we went to police center together and driver said canceled the report. After that I got mobile from police center.

My question is this police report will be serious?
And will be any effect to renew Singapore working vis(EP) due to this matter?? Can not renew?

Please reply this issue. I'm very worried..
Thank you

Since you were not convicted, this will probably have no onfluence on pass renewal.
But of  course it was an extremely stupid mistake - I hope you gave the poor driver an apology and a good tip for the inconvenience you caused, and you learn from it not to drink beyond your means!

i gave him 100dollars and said very sorry....
worried is that i heard my company has been monitoring by MOM. Same as blacklist. Because we hired very few Singaporean. Almost all foreigner

If your company has quota problems or is blacklisted by MoM, that is a completely separate issue and has nothing to do with your personal behaviour.

my company applied my ep on 12/02/2018. but my one only still pending. other coworkers are approved....omg
maybe my one will be rejected..?

The process usually takes 1 - 2 months, in some cases even longer. Be patient!
How long it takes has no influence on your approval chances.

Hi Powerofloves, any update on your EP renewal? Thanks

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