Prince Edward Island

Hi everyone,

I'm currently living in Toronto and I've heard wonderful things about PEI  and thats why I want to buy a piece of land so I can build in the future and live there when I retire. That's why I'm looking for help to find the right spot.

Does any one know a nice place or area that can recommend me to buy?  Remember, this will be a long time investment and my place to live in the future!!!!

Thanks for your help!!!

Welcome to,the forums. I am a bit confused. Your profile says you are in Santo Domingo  and you say you are in Toronto asking about PEI.

This is the Dominican Republic forum honey

You are not alone in the forest of confusion; without an axe to clear the way, we are doomed to live in ignorance.  On another point, I wonder if they know the "Pickel Point Oyster House" on PEI?

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