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hello!  a recruitment company has applied for my work permit on 17.01 but until now (little more than 3 weeks) i did not receive any answer. my tourist visa will soon expire, on the 20th of february. i am a romanian/ eu citizen. can i kindly ask what should i do in this case? thank you!

Nothing you can do, other than return back to your country and wait for the outcome. If your pass approved then you will receive IPA letter and you can arrive.

Or else, you may apply for your visa extension but then it depends on approval as you need to explain why a tourist is looking for visa extension. Good luck

Mine was applied last Jan 16, until now still Pending. Was told that MOM contacted the recruiter for additional documents last Feb 2 and they provided it the same day. All we can do is wait, I think.  :sosad:

hey can i ask which additional documents they asked for?

and what kind of company applied for you, can i ask?

The recruiter did not say what but he mentioned that they are company related documents.

omay. i wish you a lot of luck. please update me when you have any news. thank you !

I wish you luck too! Do let me know your result as well. :)

Hi want to ask some more . I had 2 years work experience in singapore . But now I moved to new job and they applied for s pass . But unfortunately rejected and they submitted appeal on 22 January. But still pending . It been more than 3 weeks . If mom take more longer time , mean got chance to approve or reject ?

hey can i ask, do you know the reason for rejection?

Wai Wai, if you read previous discussions in this forum, we have said in numerous occasions that appealing without material changes (e.g. providing correct information, additional certificates, higher salary with valid rationale etc.) has no meaning and result will be remaining same. Good luck

Thought because of passport expiry date . My passport will expiry on August. I asked to my employer but they not mention about this . But they told me that this was not about quota . They have sufficient quota.

The time it takes is no indication on the chance for approval or rejection. You should not read anything into it!

hey, just want to update you guys. Mine got approved after more than 2 months. This is the longest i've waited for pass approval. Scary that MOM is getting more and more strict about hiring foreigners.

Congrats, nice to hear. Hope others will get their results sooner or later. Stay positive.

2 months?? Its really scary. I dont understand why they put up to 3 weeks in their website. I read in the forum that some people get the EP approval rather quickly and some like you Joe01010 taking 2 months. My EP is pending exactly 3 weeks today :(. I Hope they will make decision soon enough..altogether with my 1st rejection(due to some missing info from my company is over 5 weeks now-12 days at the 1st application and now 3 weeks)...I am really scared and worried...

Yeah. For me, the only advantage is that my employer is still willing to wait for my pass even though it is taking that long. I felt sorry for them since they needed the role to be filled asap. They just don't want to restart the whole process by looking for other candidate. Since i need to tender 1 month notice, so in total the company waited at least 4months for the role to be filled in. :( so patience is really virtue here. hehehe

Bro, my hr said they applied spass but when i check in ep online is showing the PASS TYPE is EMPLOYMENT PASS when Status is PENDING. Is it later changing to SPASS or not?

We have requested many times that spend some time to go through various threads as we have addressed most of the questions.

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