18 year old with associates degree looking to teach English next year

I am 18 (soon to be 19) and about to finish my associates degree, before I transfer to the University of Virginia. I plan on taking a year abroad and spending 3-6 months of that time in Vietnam teaching English. I am planning on acquiring a TEFL certificate online sometime in the next month or so. There is a lot of conflicting information on the internet regarding work permits employment opportunities etc. and I am looking for advice on anything and everything.


Associates won't meet the official criteria for work permit.  That being said, you can find work.  Might be "second tier" but there are a lot of opportunities out there.  Pay will be a bit less.  Just come and do the circuit visiting all the places that are constantly advertising for teachers.

Anh's answer is correct.   Your unique "YOU" will find Heaven or Hell
according to your values.    You need to be here to find validity.

Just jump in.   Test your integrity.    It's much better than you think.

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