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I will soon move to KL by April’18. I plan to get My Mother, My Wife and My 2 Year Old Son after like 3 Months. How difficult or how easy it is to get their Visas?
Also what is the average rent for a 2 BHK Fully Furnished Condo near KL Central.

Their visas will be based on your Employment Pass. For your child you can apply for a Dependent Pass and for your mother a Social Visit Pass (Long Term). Pages 24/25 explain what paperwork you need to prepare and get authenticated. … r-2017.pdf

Two bedroom properties are not very common but it is the same price or less to rent a 3 bedroom (the usual configuration. Expect to pay at least RM2-3k per month near Sentral/Brickfields … ential/?l1

Seputeh is also popular with Indian expats and can have lower rents

Thanks Gravitas... I would want less travel time so which area is best if my office is in Jalan Stesen KL Central.

Brickfields is the other name for Sentral. The rail station there is called Sentral so people refer to the area as Brickfields/Sentral

Seputeh is one stop by train to Sentral station which is where your office is located. Brickfields is 'Little India' so has everything you need.

You could walk to your office from condos in Brickfields but a bit of an uphill trek so taking the train brings you to the right level and is a simple 5 min walk to the office from the platform

Check a map to orient yourself

But seriously check all the documents needed and who needs to certify them as it's time consuming and can be costly. They need sorting out before you can apply for passes for the family.

Thanks a lot Gravitas... I have budgeted myself for MYR 2k max MYR 2.25k , is that good enough for rent? Also what’s the initial payment approximately?

Here is a link about certifying documents

Deposit is 2 months rent plus half a month's rent in case of unpaid utilities.

So deposit is 2.5 months rent

You then have to also pay 1st month rent in advance.

Move in cost therefore 3.5 months rent

Rent Agreement and stamping will cost RM 500 upwards

Thank you Gravitas... Its a lot of help.

Sorry but one more thing... This stamping will it be done by the dealer or i need to do it... And are there any brokerage charges.

Hi Forum

Would want to understand how safe is Cyberjaya or Selangor for expats.

The owner pays the brokerage fee of one months' rent to the agent. You pay for the lease agreement and stamping (which the agent arranges)

Cyberjaya is safe.  Selangor is a huge huge area - it's a state.  Parts of Selangor are safer than others. Selangor stretches both north and south of KL.

My Office in Jalan Stesen Sentral. Can I get accommodations for 2k nearby... Intend to get a 2BHK. Also I may have to occasionally travel to Cyberjaya.

Yes - check out Scott Sentral. Villa Scott, Palm Court, Rainbow Tower, Menara Pelangi, etc.

Thanks Gravitas. how is the connectivity to Cyberjaya

Train (KLIA Transit) then bus/taxi - about 1 hr 15 mins … e_updated/

Bus - … ageid=3145

Check Seputeh for lower rentals - one stop to Sentral

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