Assistance for the visually handicapped

Is there a group or organization that has people that help visually impaired with some chores, such as food shopping, cooking etc. Not needed on a daily basis, Every other day would be fine. Never having been dependent on anyone else, this is a new experience for me. A sense of humor is a must. PM me for more info.  I don't want pity, I want some help.

Tinker sounds like there is no improvement, I am sorry.

There is no group that I am aware of here.  ITs all about family friends and neighbors. Wish I was closer and could help!

Thank you. I was hoping that there might be someone in the Sosua area with some time on their hands looking for something to do.Very soon I won't be able to use my cell or laptop. I do not have the resources to hire a full time care taker.  Don't need full time anyway. A couple of hours a day a few times a week. My only health problem is the C.S.S.. Can't see shit!  If anyone has any suggestions about how to resolve this, please let me know. I'm not the sort to sit quietly and twiddle my thumbs.

I  cannot imagine how hard this is for you honey!  I am sure someone will step up. Also try to join the facebook group Everything Sosua.   There are lots of people on there.

I talked with the 911 EMS ambulance while in Sosua . It's headed by a Christian agency , maybe they have other resources ?

Thanks John. There is a New Life church here in Sosua. East near Playa Chaquita. Long walk for me, but will try them.

No problem , should be it that area in about 20 days , I'll see if I can find out more. They park thier ambulances at the police precinct next to supermarket by Texaco bomba.

Gracias, yo se adonde ese. Nosotros tiene mui bueno tiempo quando esta regresso. Spelling is probably off, pero, necssista practicamo mucho.  Trying to do it phonetically.

You communicated just fine .
I Will PM you.

Does anyone have a contact # for the "New Life Church" in Sosua. I know that they have a building & a large tent in East Sosua.  Thanks for any information provided.

1 809 907 0348 , give it a shot

Will do, thanks. Will let you know the results.

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