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I will need to maintain my medications. I am not sure about if I need prescriptions or just over the counter

bothner06 :

I will need to maintain my medications. I am not sure about if I need prescriptions or just over the counter

Well it depends on what those Medications are. If they are prescription in the U.S. they will likely be prescription in Mexico. Unlike the U.S., Mexico does not have stores with numerous Isles of drugs.  They also do not have every prescription drug  available. This is where speaking Spanish really comes in handy. Some minor things might be found on a shelf, things like vitamins, and topical applications and bug sprays. But most of it is in drawers or on shelves behind the counter. So you have to step up and ask and have that prescription in your hand because it will be needed for many things.

If you can't get a drug from one pharmacy you may be able to get it at another. If they are the usual common drugs they will likely be available with a prescription.

Hi, some meds in some pharmacies require a prescription from a mexican doctor with his cédula number namely antibiotics, codine base med.

The best is to bring your meds for your stay (FMM = 180 days), if you are a temporary or permanent resident more than 180 days then go see a mexican doctor or register with IMSS (with IMSS meds are normally free including specialty drugs if accepted by an intern).

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If you bring those meds, you better bring that prescription also.

A bottle with a label is not a prescription.  I have seen how this works, drugs are drugs, and anything that could possibly be drugs are drugs, until you show that you have a legal right to them.
Some agents may be more passive, if the bottles are tucked into your luggage and they don't see them, others may not.
it's better to be safe than sorry. It's also better to bring a normal supply they definitely frown at a significant supply. It would be a good idea to keep them on your person, not in your luggage depending on how you are arriving. Planes have their rules , crossing in a car is slightly more flexible.

Hi to all, as long as you have up to 6 months supply proprely labelled prescriptions (your name, physician's name, etc...) and the pharmacy list of meds with name of the physician you won't have a problem going throught customs. Note, that I am originally from Canada and that your FMM is valid normally for 180 days.

You should always have your meds in your carry-on luggage.

Adios y buen dia a todos, GyC.

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