Improve my English


I'm a 25 year old Belgian girl looking for some friends who can help me improve my English.

I could go to school to improve my English, but i wanna make it fun and meet people from all around the world and I can help you speak Dutch...?

Anyone interested?


Welcome on Magnolia23 :D

Yeah I am very intrestd
I'm looking at making my own friends in Belgium I move to be a Au Pair and be closer to my BF in a few weeks

Are u in Belgium yet?

10 days and counting

Hey I am in Belguim now have been for a few weeks now living just out side of brussles for now and then move just outside of gent on the 1st

Magnolia, I would be happy to help you with your English as I am trying to improve my Dutch/Nederlandse. I will tell you up front though I have issues, at 66 and having lived most of my years in the northern midwest of the U.S.,(Wisconsin/Illinois) my tongue/throat does not make the sounds needed to successfully speak Dutch and my ear has problems identifying the nuances that are so important in conversation. Of course that is not a problem in writing. I did live in Germany and was able to negotiate the language well enough to do anything I wanted from '66 through '69 but that was long ago on a planet far, far away(I was 21 then about your age now)! You may contact me at: terryvetrono[at] if you chose as that would be easier for me. Hoping to hear from you, Terry.

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