KSA work visa declined by Netherlands Saudi embassy

Hi All,
Nice to meet you and I am looking for your urgent advice:

I have accepted a job offer from a reputable Project management consultancy and prepared and submitted my visa application with the Saudi embassy here in the Netherlands. They declined as they say my diploma does not match the job title stated on the contract and block visa.

They hire me as Project engineer, and as much as my diploma is in mechanical engineering, it is not a Bachelor (higher) degree but a 4 year diploma.

What to do? My employer also has block visas available for technical service consultants and suggest applying in this manner. Should this work? Will the Saudi embassy in the Netherlands have me in their files and see I already applied earlier and feel fooled and decline anyway?

All your advice and experience is very welcome!

Kind regards,

Try to find out what exactly is the job description for a technical service consultant that will be mentioned in the Iqama (from the company if possible).

According to that all in the forum can help you out whether to take that option or not.

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