Change from Work permit -B to Professional Card

Going from Work permit-B to Professional card affects the residency status while applying for Permanent residency after 5 years of un-interrupted stay? Residency is reset or something like that happens?

Hi Amarimuthu,

I have the same question. When I asked the commune a few months back they said there will not be any impact on my residency period that I have already completed if I were to change from employee to independent. Was that also the case for you?

We hear both opinions. Some say it does impact, some not. Official information is the one you get from your commune/ministry.

Dear all,

I have rechecked with Ixelles Commune this morning. They have confirmed again that there will be no impact on the residency that I have completed so far in case of a change of status from employee to independent worker in the future. The only thing is I will have to pay 350 euros to the Ministry to activate such change (via bank transfer) and I will have to submit the Professional Card to the Commune so they would issue a new residency card whose validity will reflect the validity of the Professional Card.

I hope others will find this useful.

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