Another housing query.

I apologise if this topic has been addressed previously, however...

My family and I will move to Hangzhou in the summer and  I am scouring the internet for possibilities on the housing front.
My big question is, are there any apartment complexes in Hangzhou which have heating, central or underfloor, rather than the AC ?

I thank you in advance for responses.


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The best thing to do is to come in person and house hunt using all of your five senses. You can have a co-worker who speaks fluent Chinese to assist.

An over reliance on apps to do so is "so very American". Don't. China is about face-to-face communication, tactile interaction and friendships.

What is a better way to judge the food in a new restaurant?

1. Look at a picture on Pinterest and Tumblr, and read a review on
2. Walk into the restaurant yourself. Look around, and inhale the smells of the establishment?

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